Comprehensive Design & Audio-Visual Operations


What We Do


Our team of experienced lighting and audio designers along with event coordinators, videographers, and electricians, work seamlessly to build events from the ground up. Every event is site and company specific to create a once in a lifetime experience.


Owl Vision is truly a one stop shop for producing unforgettable events. We are a production company offering lighting / audio / video / videography / sfx packages with the ability to source vendors and create complete budget sheets to make accounting as simple as celebrating.


When it is time to offer premium service to your events, our team of specialists is there with a smile to provide support from load-in to load-out. We ensure a successful and stress free event.

The Process


Besides providing all necessary equipment and technology, our top priority to understand our client's vision and bring it to life. We begin with a collaborative approach, allowing us to provide support in shaping the presentation and flow of the event. Along the way, we make sure to fulfill all of your AV needs and deliver moments of special interaction for your guests to enjoy. Let us help nurture your vision and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


As event production organizers, our commitment to providing exceptional experiences doesn't stop once the event starts. We are there before, during, and after, making sure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. Whether it's managing last-minute changes or ensuring that vendors are on schedule, our team is there every step of the way, consistently ensuring that everything is perfect.


Memories are precious. That's why we offer professional videography and photography services, to make sure that the beauty and significance of your event are captured for eternity. Our talented and experienced team is dedicated to bringing out the essence of every event, so that you can relive those cherished times whenever you wish.

From Dawn

To Dusk

Selected Services


Many know Owl Vision as the special effects masters, but what some do not know is how powerful our AV department is. Owl Vision has an arsenal of professional corporate and concert audio equipment, as well as digital displays ranging from TVs on conference stands to LED Video walls. Using only the highest quality microphones and intelligent stage lighting, our goal is to provide a flawless experience in all departments.


Dynamic Presentations

Our company offers professional dynamic presentation services and packages that utilize advanced PTZ Cameras, Video Switchers, and Media Servers. Our skilled technicians and operators are able to seamlessly transition between all elements of the presentation, including live streaming of speakers, panels, and slideshows. Additionally, we are able to provide a high quality recording of the entire presentation, capturing both audio and video for future reference or distribution. With our advanced equipment and expertise, we are able to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations that meet the needs of our clients. Please reach out for an elevated experience in your next fireside chat, keynote speech, auction, or other engagements!