This Month At Owl Vision

Unveiling Magic at Storek Grand Opening

The grand opening of NPU venue Storek in San Francisco was nothing short of spectacular, and we are privileged to be a part of this celebration. As a Preferred Vendor for NPU Events, we are thrilled to welcome this new venue into the NPU legendary portfolio.

Grand openings are all about elevating the space. For us that means showcasing the best in lighting, audio, video, and special effects designs. In collaboration with numerous outstanding vendors, we played our part in crafting an unforgettable night.

We knew this celebration called for an immersive experience that would bring Storek to life and leave a lasting impression, so we got to work. We took charge of the lighting design for both the main floor and the mezzanine, paying meticulous attention to every detail. From the vibrant dancefloor lighting to the mesmerizing laser logo projection that adorned the walls, every element played a part in transforming the venue into a captivating wonderland.

We provided detailed touches including lighting projection, tube installations, uplighting, and even food and beverage area lighting, ensuring that every corner of the venue radiated with an enchanting glow. The crowning jewel of our work was undoubtedly the grand staircase design, a moment that served as both a functional feature and a stunning visual centerpiece.

No grand opening is complete without music, and for this special night, DJ Chris Clouse took the stage. To complement his electrifying beats, we provided a complete video wall setup that brought his music to life in a mesmerizing display of visuals and sound.

A heartfelt thanks To all who graced us with their presence on this remarkable evening, we extend our gratitude. Your energy and enthusiasm is the real reason we do this work. The grand opening of NPU Venue Storek was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and technology. We look forward to helping produce countless more exciting events at Storek in the future.

Havana Nights Gala at SVN West

Special thank you to ILEA for having us sponsor the main room lighting design and handling full power distribution for the event! We provided wash lighting, tube lighting, and uplighting all throughout the grand ballroom space. Additionally we provided pin spot lighting for all vendors including custom classic car lighting.

What we believe truly stood out in our package for this event was our state-of-the-art Picasso Lighting projectors. These fixtures have the ability to wash full walls and even entire buildings. We also bring custom gobos to match the vibe of the event. Havana Nights brought to mind palm trees and we didn’t miss the opportunity to make the building breath with these Picasso Animations.

Thank you ILEA and SVN, we cannot wait to be back!