Salesforce's Dreamforce week is known to bring thousands of tech enthusiasts and Salesforce users and employees to the heart of San Francisco. This special conference not only showcases some of the world's greatest tech, but brings together diverse companies, large and small, to not only learn, but to have a good time. Dreamforce associated company Parrot had Owl Vision LLC provide a massive Special Effects Package for their surprise performing guest, award winning producer and talent Flo-Rida. Pictured above is the confetti "tsunami" requested by both managment and talent to emphasis the grandiose impact of this celebration during Dreamforce Week!


The Warfield

Effects Package

8 x Co2 Jets, 2 Arena Confetti Blowers, with custom programming including Co2 Chases.

Owl Vision LLC was given the unique opportunity to design, implement, program, and operate the lighting and special effects at SFs newest and hottest venue, August Hall. We were able to pick some of the latest and greatest fixtures from the production world and morph them seamlessly with the classic and historic aesthetic of the Native Sons Building. With our design and programming, this venue now shines as one of the greatest additions to the city of San Francisco, and our partnership with Live Nation allows some of the greatest acts in the world to step on stage, and under our lights.


August Hall SF

Full Production Package

Custom Design, Installation, Programming of Lighting and Special Effects Fixtures including Elation FLXs, Chauvet Maverick MK3s, Elation Sixbars, Chauvet Rogue R2X Spots, Chauvet 4 Strikes, and Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobes. All powered and programmed on the Fullsize GMA2 Console. Special Effect Package includes custom in house Co2 Jets and Owl Vision Designed Arena Confetti Blowers.

This versatile package allowed us to really blow away K?Ds fans in historic theaters across the nation. Our Artist's vision is our artistic duty. By bringing to the forefront the best production tech elements, along with custom, music oriented programming, we were able to resonate with all of his fans and make waves in the production industry. We definitely turned some heads with this one!


The Observatory / The Warfield / The Novo Club Nokia / Van Buuren / The Marc / Stereo Live / etc.

Full Production Package

Custom Lighting Design, Custom Laser Design, Custom Stage Design. Full Production Tour Logistics. KVANT Lasers. 5RX Beams. Laser Array Bars, Cryogenics.

World famous Djs W&W, in partner with global ticket leader and promoter Live Nation, wanted to bring forth a special project from W&W that was never seen before: their alter ego NWYR. Although these are the same performers, these two acts played back to back, requiring a complete 180 switch in mood, aesthetic, and theme. Owl Vision was called to design custom special effects packages that would be unique to each specific act, utilizing top quality KVANT Lasers, Club Cannon Co2 Jets, Streamer Launchers, and Arena Confetti Blowers with key moments.


City National Civic

Full Production Package

Custom SFX Moment Design, 6 Co2 Jets (Variable Angle), 3 Confetti Arena Blowers (5 Arena Shots), 6 Dual Barrel Streamers (3 Arena Shots), 4 x Kvant Lasers 10W / full turnkey system with licensed and varianced Operator.

Who We Are

Owl Vision LLC is a premier lighting design and special effects company based out of San Francisco / Bay Area. We excel in every element of the nightclub, concerts, weddings, and corporate production design.

Owl Vision offers the full repertoire of production including: lighting design and operation, lasers, and special effects packages with confetti cannons, co2 jets, streamers, low lying fog, and more.

With residencies in historic venues and top tier nightclubs across the west coast, and a diverse range of creative and corporate clients, our talented team can do it all!

Our Team :

David Belogolovsky (Owner / Lead Designer)
Tal Hod (Senior Lighting Operator/ Audio Manager / SFX Manager / Social Media Marketing)
Lorcan Clarke (Senior Lighting Designer / SFX Manager)
Eddie Olivares (Lead of Audio Department / Shop Manager / SFX Manager / Driver)
Jessie Briganti (Lighting Director / Designer / SFX Manager)
Marco Cobian (Senior Lighting Programmer / SFX Manager)
Omer Yosef (Lighting Designer / SFX Manager)
Alon Ankonina (Lighting Designer / SFX Manager / Web Designer)

What We Offer

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