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SFX / Lighting Design by David Belogolovsky
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Confetti Cannons

Our custom built confetti cannons allow for up to 20lb of confetti to be shot into the air at one time. They are continuous cannons that will launch confetti for up to 2 consecutive minutes! These cannons can be either manually controlled or triggered via a computer DMX signal.


Co2 Jets

Owl Vision LLC proudly carries Club Cannon Co2 Jets, custom built as well to produce 30ft. white fumes! As shown in the main photo above as well as the photo below, Co2 Jets are the a great addition to any nightclub, concert, venue, or arena. Not only do they provide an enjoyable visual effect, but these jets cool the crowd down as well.


Streamer Cannons

Looking for that special extra effect? Our Streamer cannons provide an alternative to confetti. Each of our units is capable of shooting up to 104 streamers in one shot, and we have eight of these units, ultimately having the ability to shoot 800 streamers in 1 second!


Owl Vision LLC Custom FX Controller

All of our effects can be operated by any user, using our special Owl Vision custom FX controller. It is programmed to fire two seperate Cryogenic systems, as well as our confetti system, and streamer system. The ultimate SFX controller for your headling artists at nightclubs, concerts, festivals, and private events.


Take a look at our Gallery and our Videos to get a real taste of what we can do.

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