Owl Vision LLC

SFX / Lighting Design by David Belogolovsky
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At Owl Vision, we consider our nightclub/concert design our flagship product. We hold our designs to the highest standards. Our staff has years of experience of operating lighting production at multiple top-10 nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip, and that level of production has been engrained into our DNA. Complete with a digital visualization of our lighting concept, we start off by rendering a CAD of the venue, taking into account the audience size and room aesthetics to provide the ultimate experience. We provide intricate trussing, moving fixtures, lasers, confetti, and other special effects. Want to go for it all? We can even bring you full-scale LED video panels for live visuals with our bank of hours of VJ video graphic content. After your approval, we program all the hardware to our GrandMA2 board to create any intelligent design system you like. Whatever vision you have for your nightclub or concert, we bring it to life for you. Take a look at our Gallery and our Videos to get a real taste of what we can do.

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